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Choose Your Own Adventure Kit | Green

Choose Your Own Adventure Kit | Green

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Looking for a gift as unique as the recipient?  Look no further!  Create a unique gift for your favorite person - choose from a wide range of special pouches, add a 'kit' of your choosing and any goodies to round it out!  These kits are designed to encourage outdoor adventure and creativity -  no more highly disposable, single use items.  

First, choose your desired print and whether you'd like a small (5.5"x6.5") or large zip pouch (6.5" x7.5").

Next choose from our kits:

  • Our Nature Study Kit is for the outdoor adventurer who likes to find all the bugs and butterflies and inspect them!  This kit includes a drawing pencil, unlined sketchbook, a safety whistle and magnifying glass.  
  • Our Explorer Kit is for the active outdoor adventurer who doesn't mind exploring after dark!  This kit includes a drawing pencil, sketchbook, safety whistle and coordinating flashlight.  
  • Our Illustrator Kit is for the budding artist!  Each kit contains a set of custom colored markers inspired by nature, an unlined sketchbook, a drawing pencil and a gel ink pen.  
  • Our Creator Kit is for the crafters!  This kit contains 5 custom colored embroidery threads inspired by nature, 2 safety pins and a metal case to keep it all in.  There is enough thread to make many friendship bracelets. 
  • Our First Aid and Safety Kit is for anyone accident prone!  Each kit contains a mini first aid kit*, and a coordinating LED flashlight and safety whistle.  

Add on any goodies you might like to round out your special gift, and be happy you have a gift unique to your friend, partner, child, family.  

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